About Sakana



Welcome to SAKANA Restaurant,
featuring our highly acclaimed Japanese Sushi and Sashimi.
SAKANA is about simplicity, uniqueness, good value, good taste, along with great service and kid-friendly.
The restaurant is a recession buster! Come and check our new atmosphere and see why our guests are our regulars.
SAKANA Restaurant Eat in or Take out
“Only the best to make the best” “SAKANA” foods are on the cutting edge of Japanese and Asian ingredients that focus on healthy, simple, and traditional flavors that are easy to use which also measures the greatest value at reasonable prices to sum up an incredible dining experience.


Come Taste the Quality! “SAKANA”
“SAKANA” Japanese Restaurant, located in the heart of LA CANADA,
has been delighting Japanese food lovers for over 5 years with an extensive menu that includes both traditional and original Japanese dishes including wide array of Japanese Sake and Shochu.
“Irashaimase!” which indicates the phrase “Welcome!” in Japanese, fresh and innovative authentic Japanese cuisine welcomes you as one of the best Japanese restaurants in Los Angeles.