All About Dye Sublimation Printing

Dye sublimation may be used on any surface in which polymeric therapy of a substrate can be successful, from mugs to glass to snowboards.

As it's the polymers that are the cornerstone of dye sublimation, if a substance can endure the polymeric cure on its surface, then that substrate can be dye sub printed. Plastics, wood, glass, rock, metal, anything with a smooth surface will accept the many different sprays offered for treating a substrate in planning this sort of printing. You can get DYE sublimation printing services from various experts like Allegheny Apparel.

DYE sublimation

The way this works is when heat and pressure are applied to a product that's been treated and wed to the published heat transfer paper, the polymers enlarge and open up, sort of like a blossom in sunlight. Since the pressurized heating causes the polymers to enlarge, the dye turns gaseous as a result of warmth (approximately 400ºF), as well as the dye (as gasoline) flows to the open polymers, making a gorgeous continuous tone printing since it warms, locking in the color for a permanent display of constant photographic tones.

Authentic dye sublimation printing can't be performed on natural materials, even though there are a few heat transfer inks that will work as kind of a sublimation procedure.