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Manga is not just art, it is pure imagination drawn on paper. People struggle to learn how to draw manga, but can’t really find a way to gradually increase their imagination and get frustrated.

First, they try to learn to draw manga using video sites like YouTube. then they try to practice what they have just seen and finally (after a few hours or even days or sometimes even months) they can just casually draw what they have seen, but what do they end up managing? An unremarkable copy, a waste of time and energy.

The reason many people struggle with manga work is that they haven’t learned how to draw manga, but only reproduce other people’s work. Repeating someone else’s work is not your imagination, it is not your gift, it is just a worthless copy. You can also take advantage of buying manga(also known as acheter des mangas via in french).

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If you really want to master the art of manga, you need to learn the basic elements and painting techniques used to create an amazing manga that we all love!

There are various online tutorials starting with the basics that can show you step by step how to learn to draw any manga character methodically and easily without any difficulty and of course in a very short time.