Cleaning Process of Air Duct System

Air ducts are used primarily in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning to move air and transport it. These vent systems are important for intake air, air supply, and return air. They are among the methods to guarantee thermal comfort and quality of the indoor air.

duct system

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What can you find within your air ducts system?

A duct system consists of many components, they are explained in detail below :

Vibration isolators :

They are flexible parts of the duct system. They usually are installed in the system right side following the handler and prior to it.

Volume control dampers :

They help in adjusting the volume of air flow to other parts of the system. These dampers are installed within the duct itself , and can be manual or automated.

Smoke/fire dampers :

They are situated within the system that connects the duct to the fire curtain or firewall. They are controlled by using an actuator which is a mechanical motor.

A probe connected with the Actuator detects smoke inside the ducts system which is removed out of the space. The actuator triggers the motor to stop and the damper to close automatically until it can be opened by hand.

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