How to Choose a Custom Fit Tailored Dress Shirt?

The first step in choosing a special suitable clothing shirt is choosing the color and style of the shirt. If you are a closet or more conservative work in a tight office environment, traditional colors like light blue and white will be your best bet. Usually conservative clothes with solid colors too: no lines or patterns. The standard collar will also be preferred. You can also discover the best quality tailored dress shirts at

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If you want to be a little more stylish with your clothes, you might consider brighter colors. Deploy the collar, which is broader at the bottom than a standard collar, also in mode, especially for younger workers.

Ensure quality.

When looking for high quality shirts, there are some things you want to check. First is the number of plays. High quality shirts will have a number of two layers, and will have this information on the label. Lower quality shirts will only have one layer number, and this information will usually not be available on the label. Two layer cloth shirts are stronger, last longer, softer and more comfortable and will frown less than one layer shirt.

Stitches must also be checked. If a high-quality shirt, only one stitch line will be seen on the stitch flowing on the side of the shirt. Most shirts have two stitch lines on side stitches.

To ensure your special shirt is high quality, check the stitches on the button. In the high-quality shirt button it will be sewn with a cross-locked stitch to make it more difficult for them to fall.

Check fit.

After you choose the color and style of the shirt you want, it's time to check fit. The main area you need to check when choosing a clothing shirt that is customized with a custom is a collar, arm and wrist.

While wearing your clothes, it must feel comfortable throughout your body. Make sure it's not tight around the shoulder, chest or waist. Check the button to make sure they are not too far, leaving the gap and exposing your chest or waist.