How To Seal Your Stone Surfaces In Melbourne

If it seems like your tiles or stone floor gets dirty frequently, this is the right time to seal it. Stone sealing is done to prevent staining from dirt, spills and even the grout used to fill in the joints. Seal makes it easier to sweep and more difficult to stain.

There are many stone sealing Melbourne based companies that provide the best sealing tile services. But if you want to DIY, here is a quick tutorial concerning how to seal a stone by yourself.

Kitchen with stone floors

Step 1: Be sure that the floor is thoroughly cleaned

Spray the appropriate cleaner. Make use of the manufacturer's guidelines for the dosages, because they may vary from one product to another. Make use of a soft bristle brush to clean the floor, walls, or countertops.

Step 2: The sealer needs to be applied

Once you unwrap the sealer, you can pour it into a large tray. Use a medium nap paint roller to apply it on the floor. Don't leave any puddles, and apply equally. If you are using a very thin and uneven layer, the sealer may stain the surface so apply it very carefully.

After covering an area wait around 5 minutes and wipe down the excessive penetrating sealer. Follow these simple steps and you may very easily seal your own personal showers, counters, and also tile floors.