Know About The Process of Dental Implant

Consultation: A consultation with an implant specialist is required to begin the process of getting a dental implant. This consultation may not be performed by your general dentist. Ask if they are familiar with this procedure. You can also search online for trusted dental implant dentists also get 24/7 Emergency Help in Cranbrook.

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Some dentists can perform the entire procedure, including surgery. It may seem simpler to visit a single dentist to do the entire procedure, but it is not recommended unless you have carefully vetted their experience in both dentistry and oral surgery to ensure a successful implant.

Preparation of Implant Site – Tooth Extract and Bone Grafting. The success of dental implants depends on the health and condition of the patient. The implant post must be able to integrate fully into the jawbone if there is sufficient bone. 

Patients who have lost many teeth over the years may not have sufficient bone health to support an implant. An experienced professional can perform a bone grafting procedure to rebuild the bone at the site of the implant. 

He will then take healthy bone from another area of the body and place it in the jawbone. Other options for bone extraction are cadaver bone and bovine bone. It may be necessary to remove a non-performing, rotted, or otherwise damaged tooth to make way for implants.