New Features Of Telegram

Telegram is a messaging service that prioritizes user privacy and messaging speed across multiple platforms. They also have new features coming out all the time. 

A telegram informs users about new features through the Telegram tips channel, which is constantly updated with messages from the Telegram team. You can also search various amazon prime telegram channel online at

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Selecting “Telegram Features” in the sidebar will only redirect users to the Telegram tips channel if they haven’t already joined.

Users can browse the latest news from the Telegram team. Each message includes a small video and a short note showing the new feature.

To keep things organized, Telegram has compiled messages with hyperlinks. For example, if you click on cloud draft, you will be taken to a post-dated January 15, 2021, explaining what a cloud draft is and how to use it.

What makes this UX so great:

Users can subscribe to the Tips channel to receive notifications when new features are released, making them easier to update.

The videos and graphics in each post break the wall of unpleasant text.

Telegram hyperlinks add context and basic information to people who need it, making every message short and to the point.