Tips For Choosing Runner Rugs For A Hallway

The corridor is part of the house. Many homeowners decorate their hallways, others tend to leave them empty. One of the easiest ways to dress up your hallway at home is to use floor mats that are the same size and shape for such a narrow area.

All you need is a running rug. How can you get the best hallway carpet in the hallway at home? If you are looking for a 2×7 runner rug then you can check rugs2go.

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To get the best runners, there are simple tricks or ground rules you can follow. This trick will ensure that you get not only the best length for your hallway but also the best width. By following these simple methods, you can find a runner that will perfectly shape your hallway.

First of all, you will need a measuring tape, a pen and a piece of paper to make it easy to calculate and mark the best length and width you need. Now measure the area of your hallway.

Take the correct latitude and longitude. From here you can easily make calculations. Subtract 4 inches from the width of your hallway. If your aisle is about 40 inches wide, your perfect runner is about 36 inches wide.

The same goes for the length, although you may need to shave more inches here. Subtract 22 inches from the length of your hallway. What you're going to do is give them a good 30cm distance on each end of your runner.