Elliptical Trainer Benefits And Uses

An elliptical trainer, sometimes called a cross-training machine, is a basic stationary exercise device used to walk, stair climb or run without creating excessive force to the feet, thus decreasing the likelihood of impact-related injuries. Since the user can choose the resistance level they are comfortable with, elliptical trainers are often more cost effective than other cross trainers. For this reason, persons with some joint injuries may use an elliptical on their own to keep fit, since the low impact on them greatly affects them little. Some elliptical trainers are equipped with exercise programs specifically designed for those suffering from various joint pain and discomfort. These programs may include stretching and strengthening exercises designed to help with recovery and may include specific exercises to reduce pain.

Benefits: There are many health benefits associated with using an elliptical trainer. The natural motion of the elliptical trainer, combined with the user's natural gaits and movements, makes for a very low impact workout that still provides a healthy way to exercise. This low stress and efficient exercise machine also allow for a full body workout. While anaerobic endurance runs and cycling on a treadmill will get the heart pumping, an elliptical trainer provides a low impact aerobic program that can be done alone or with friends.

Elliptical trainers provide excellent cardio workouts for a full body workout. They are great for getting in shape, especially for older adults. They provide the resistance needed to increase muscle strength and flexibility, which are essential for building lean muscle mass. Because they provide resistance, the elliptical trainer burns calories while working out. An aerobic workout burns approximately twice as many calories, so the elliptical trainer can be a very effective tool for increasing one's metabolic rate.

For anyone who suffers from arthritis, joint pain or other problems, an elliptical trainer can help greatly. By using foot pedals instead of a handlebar mounted bicycle, many people find they can move freely without pain. Many people find the exercise programs they begin to follow to improve their joint health. Many people find they enjoy this low-impact workout more than any other they have tried. Since an exercise program using an elliptical trainer is not very repetitive, this makes it ideal for many people who suffer from various joint problems.

Elliptical trainers are also ideal for people who are new to physical fitness. Many people who are new to working out do not always feel prepared for the workout they put in. Elliptical machines provide a smooth motion that is easy to follow. Many people find they are able to maintain their momentum when working out with these trainers, making it easy for them to make progress as they go. Elliptical trainers also provide a low-stress workout that is beneficial to people who are recovering from injuries or recovering from a long period of layoff from physical work. This low impact style of workout allows many people to continue with their lives while still putting forth a good amount of effort.

In addition to their benefits for those who are new to physical fitness machines, elliptical trainers can be a wise investment for those who are already in better shape and wish to maintain their fitness. These machines provide a low impact, high calorie workout that is hard to replicate with other exercise machines. Elliptical machines provide a great workout that causes minimal damage to joints while still providing a high quality of workout. Many who own these machines report higher energy levels and improved appearance while using these machines.