How to Choose a Social Media Marketing Agency

If you want top notch social marketing consultation, be prepared to pay for it. In fact, I've run into quite a few agencies who are well into the $20,000 a month range depending on what a client needs done.

When you're looking for a social marketing agency, make sure you ask them the right questions before you sign on the dotted line! You can also choose the best social media marketing agency through various online sources.

The biggest problem I've seen is that unproven marketing agencies are scrambling to get a grip on social media, so they end up pitching their services to anyone that'll listen. They think, "How different can social media be?" "I post an ad and people flock to it, right?"

You and I both know that social marketing is a bit different. In fact, I've compiled a few questions that you should ask your social media expert BEFORE you sign that retainer!

  • Do you know how to pitch bloggers?
  • Do you know how to implement social media monitoring software or social listening software?
  • Do you, yourself, have strong social media profiles? Can I see them?
  • Does your agency write copy and blog posts for us?

Do you do training?

For the most part, you want a social media expert who is well versed in pitching content and news to bloggers. As much as we all love social media marketing — bloggers can cascade messages far faster than anything we've seen before. Twitter posts and links from a Facebook account are cool, but well received bloggers get the job done.

As with anything, in order to successfully track marketing campaigns you're going to need to implement some sort of analytics program that will track how well campaigns are performing. If you're talking to an agency who can't name at least two social listening platforms, you should be walking away!