Agile Software Development: Benefits

Agile software development is a unique way to approach computer programming. This concept gained popularity more than a decade back when a group of experienced software developers came together to discuss the best way to create software. 

The popularity of agile approaches is growing over the years as people, teams, and whole companies realize the many benefits. Many teams use the Scrum framework to facilitate agile software development. To understand the latest technologies in Agile software development visit

Advantages of Agile Software Development & Scrum

  • More Productivity- Agile software development breaks down the work into smaller chunks and delivers the results in shorter iterations. 
  • Clearer Communication- Both scrum and agile encourage frequent and clear communication among all business partners involved in software projects.
  • Higher Quality- Agile and scrum can often result in a better product. The project work is broken down into smaller units that are easier to validate and test. This results in fewer errors and a higher quality overall.
  • Predictable costs – Estimating costs is easier and more transparent when cost estimates are required at the start of every iteration of the agile software development cycle. 

Although agile programming can be dynamic and include a variety of approaches and preferences it has some obvious benefits for project managers, business leaders, and software developers.

Companies are looking for skilled people who can use the agile and scrum approach. More software consulting firms and IT staffing agencies offer career opportunities for those with these skills. This unique approach to project management and programming will continue to be popular.