Phases of Professional and Safe Asbestos Removal

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Asbestos is generally common in old homes in Australia. In case, yours was built before 1990, there are decent chances that your home contains asbestos. Understanding the dangers of fiber, you will find many professionals offering testing and removal services. Let’s take a look at how a professional and safe asbestos removal process works.

  • Sample testing: The process begins with testing for asbestos. The team will take some samples from your place and conduct tests to be sure. You can do it yourself also but you should ensure wearing the right PPE and follow the sampling process carefully. It is essential to use a ziplock bag to seal the sample to avoid infection and other problems.
  • Asbestos Removal: If asbestos is confirmed and comes back, Newcastle asbestos removal is the obvious step. Although you can remove around ten square meters of asbestos yourself, it is considered the safest to hire a professional. Hire an experienced team who understands their stuff and will give you advice about the safest and fastest methods to remove the materials.
  • Safe Demolition: Demolition is the comprehensive option. It is a recommended solution if you are planning a huge renovation or your house is affected by huge amounts of asbestos. Demolishing a building with asbestos should be done professionally. Any bad work can endanger the whole community if it leads the asbestos fibers to go airborne. However, you should know when to demolish and renovate. The option is a perfect solution for asbestos removal during renovation. But that’s not something that confirms to a particular size fits all idea. Total demolition is a huge process that needs a lot of planning and a hefty budget.

In short, you should let professionals decide what’s the best approach for removing asbestos from your home.