Know More About Patient Lifting Slings

Educating patients is a daily task in most healthcare facilities, but you may be surprised to hear that some employees do not fully understand all the functions of a catapult.

The most common connection point on ropes is a loop of fabric wrapped around the sling bar/spreader with steel hooks. It is also the most flexible solution, as the system not only has a large selection of attachments but also the existing lifting devices are more likely to be used if the customer brings his own lifting equipment into the system. You can browse to get patient lifting hoist online.

Did you notice that there are a lot of options for spin rounds? We often see service agents misunderstand this concept by saying, "There is a long cycle for tall people and a short cycle for short people." In fact, this option is available so you can manipulate the customer's tilt as they are lifted and hung from the hoist. In the end, the nanny always knows where she is taking her clients. Do you go to the toilet or take a shower? Are you going back to bed? Or a chair for a princess?

Selecting the right cycle for the right transfer saves the customer time and convenience, but also reduces the risk of unnecessary and inconvenient manual handling when the customer tends to be in the wrong position. Technically, if the wrong loop is selected, the service staff must lower the customer back into bed, spin it again and then start the transfer again.