Learn The Proper Jab Techniques On Your Punching Bags

Great boxers know the importance of punches and combinations to keep their opponent on their toes. They also understand how to create situations where they can land strong punches. 

The punching bag with the best Everlast heavy bag gloves (Which is also called ‘ beste Everlast Heavy Bag Handschuhe ’ in German) is an excellent thing to practice combinations and increase endurance. Here are some of the best combinations and shots.

Heavy Bag Shots and Combos

Double jab, triple jab: The jab is not the strongest punch but it can distract your opponent. Mix it up. You don't have to do the same thing every time. You can jab-jab, jab cross, or jab-jab-jab mix.

Your opponent will not be able to predict how you do it as long as you keep it varied. You can pick a spot on your punching bag and repeatedly jab at that spot.

Right cross: This is usually preceded by a jab. Make sure you follow through when performing the right cross. It should be strong but quick. It should be fast but not too slow. 

If your opponent is two slower, he can punch you in the face with a punch over the bend in your elbow. However, if your arm is straightened your shoulder will protect your chin.

Jab-right crossing: This is the most popular combination. Throw the heavy bag and throw a quick jab with your left hand and a strong cross with your right. 

Be sure to keep going and get out of the way after you have thrown the cross. If you do not step away from the bag after a hard punch, you can still be knocked over.