BPO Serves Customers Through Outbound Service

BPO services in Kenya require specialist expertise because they cover a broad range of activities. These activities are spread across a variety of departments to ensure that they can all be done efficiently. 

One such department is the outbound call centre, which performs many functions. Outbound call centre services are used to promote customers' businesses. Outbound agents call customers to promote the products or services of clients. You can also hire Bpo firms in Kenya for your business. 

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Outbound call centre services in Kenya are chosen by companies to help them make their business more successful and give them an edge over the competition. The outbound call center offers many services. Below are some of the processes.

Generation of leads

Lead generation is essential to the success of any business today. This involves the outbound team obtaining personal information from customers to generate interest in the product or service of their client. 


Customer satisfaction is largely determined by customer surveys. To get feedback from the customers, the surveys are done by phone. The BPO workers in Kenya can use this information to evaluate their performance and make improvements. 


Telemarketing refers to the process of promoting products and services via phone calls. Agents in the outbound sector contact potential customers to promote and sell the products or services of clients. A team of telecallers must be well-trained and have good communication skills. 

They contact customers by phone to promote their clients' business. They promote the products of their clients and provide information about them.