Non Invasive Approach to Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy helps in diverse ways, like pacing up the metabolic growth of the organs and the endocrine glands which promotes softer and rejuvenated skin.

It aids in normalizing the cell respiration. It enhances oxygen flow in the body and assists the body's natural detoxifying procedure. The therapy also aids in stimulating the immune system of the body.

Oxygen Ozone therapy helps in varicose veins, non healing wounds and certain types of ulcer like stomach ulcer, chronic hepatitis, and pancreatic diabetes.

Ozone is at hand in small concentrations throughout the Earth's atmosphere. It has numerous industrial and consumer applications.

Ozone therapy also acts on injured disc and nerve root. It has analgesic, anti-inflammable result on the nerve root which leads to instant pain relief.

The ozone layer in the lower atmosphere is an air pollutant with destructive effects on the respiratory system of animals and sensitive plants.

Ozone therapy fundamentally consist of three oxygen atoms .This layer in the upper atmosphere averts damaging electromagnetic radiation from reaching the Earth's surface.

The therapy in a manner facilitates ozone to be absorbed into the skin and stores superb detoxifying effect.

Oxygenation of all tissues and stimulation of the release of anti – cancer materials from the white blood cells of the immune system is a non invasive approach to ozone therapy.

Two therapies like sweat therapy and ozone therapy make the skin clean and refreshed. The treatment depends on the disease of the patient and its individual effect. The therapy should be performed two to three times per week.