All About Custom Driveshaft

It's quite thrilling when everything falls into place, literally. With the big-block engine installed in its new location along with our Monster Transmission being supported by our custom bent, Fab-Tech cross member, we found one crucial link lacking the driveshaft.

It is possible to find an OEM driveshaft and install this, however, given how powerful the motor is as well as the use we envision with our El Camino, a custom driveshaft just wasn't able to handle the punishment. It made us more efficient in the end.

custom driveshaft

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When it was still dark and the El Camino was still hunkered down at the Fab-Tech Welding facility located in Chatsworth, California, we used the opportunity to have their staff assist with the installation as we were lucky enough to be able to access their lift. We spent a while filling the drawings of Denny's using the exact measurements.

Some measurements, such as the length of the U-joint rear and the U-joint cap's diameter, were recorded while the car was elevated off the ground, other measurements such as the length of a transmission's case until the surface of the pinion yoke were measured at the height of the ride.

After a bit of time, we took the diagrams to the letter and faxed them in. When the driveshaft was delivered, it took us only a couple of minutes to secure it in the correct position. Although you might notice that we're still using the original 8.2-inch rear end, which is 10-bolt using the 1310 yoke. We'll be upgrading to a 1350 yoke in the very near future.