Getting Started With a Greenhouse

The greenhouse idea is tempting. Maybe you imagine a mini world where weather, seasons, and climate don't matter. Imagine vegetables that are ready to be picked all year round or flowers that bloom in December.

 Inside you have your own quiet place, away from the crazy world outside.

Greenhouses used to be a luxury item, but not anymore. Everyone can have one today, whether it's just a portable mini greenhouse or a large, functioning greenhouse in the garden. Also, you can use automated greenhouse systems for managing the greenhouse.

Top 10 Reasons for Having a Greenhouse - OLT

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 Millions of hobby and backyard greenhouses are in use worldwide, not to mention all commercial ones. When you are in the planning stage, there are a few things you need to clarify.

1. Location: Before buying or building your greenhouse, choose a suitable location for it. The location of the greenhouse is of utmost importance unless you are thinking about a small portable greenhouse. Plan a location with maximum sun exposure, away from the shade of trees, walls, or houses

2. sitting: This is part of the location selection. The greenhouse should be located in a relatively low or easily leveled location. The soil beneath should be well-drained, so a place where it rains or snow melts is not a good place. Easy access to water and electricity is another thing to consider

3. Assess your needs: There are many options when choosing a greenhouse.

• What is my goal with the greenhouse?

• How big do I need?

• What do I want to develop?

• How much does the maintenance cost?

• How much does it cost to heat a greenhouse?