What Are The Benefits Of installing Commercial Sunscreens

Commercial-grade windows don’t mean commercial-grade sun protection. Most often in fact the commercial windows can tend to be an even bigger source of heat gain than in a typical residential home since they cover more of the building. 

Installing the best Arizona sun screens can not only save money but also makes for more comfortable workspaces, waiting areas, or showrooms.

Whether it's a doctor's office that needs sunscreens to keep particular rooms cooler or an office suite looking for more privacy from neighboring foot traffic, solar window screens can be a perfect solution to many issues. 

Solar screens allow you to see out with impeccable outward visibility while actually blocking the view from the outside looking in. The higher the percentage of screen blockage like 90-95% the more privacy you can achieve for your commercial space.

If the ever-shining Arizona sun is the primary concern for your commercial windows, the solar window screens offer the best possible protection from the glare and heat of the sun aside from planting a 30-foot tall shade tree and a lot more cost-effective. 

In many cases, we have seen commercial window sun shades pay for themselves in as little as a year. Solar window screens block out the heat and UV Rays better than tint, Low-E windows, and interior shades and they look great too!

Commercial buildings are not always initially built to be efficient. This is often the case in some of the warehouse districts where the build-out of offices is within the same space as a warehouse.