How to Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency in Your Human Resource Department

The Human Resources (HR) department is vital to the successful running of any business, as they not only look after payroll, holiday and absences they can also look after recruitment and expenses to name but a few. Their documents will often exist in several formats with a different process that needs to be carried out for each document type. This makes the process very labour intensive and very expensive. Investing in a HR Management Solution can help to automate the manual process and streamline the department.

Handling paper is considered a very time consuming and costly job and one which can be prone to error. Coopers & Lybrand undertook some research into the costs relating to document processing. The results were quite shocking:

  • A massive 70% of “white-collar” worker time is spent processing paper documents
  • The average cost of filing a document is $20
  • If a document is misplaced then it can cost up to $120 to search for that misfiled document
  • It costs approximately $250 to recreate a lost document

Over time this can equate to an astonishing amount of money, but investing in a HR solution could cut these costs significantly; helping to improve the way the department runs whilst also saving time and money. Get more solutions via and other well reputed websites as well.