What are Product Manuals?

You may be pondering the documentation that your product will require as a marketer or manufacturer. Depending on the complexity of your product and whether it is intended for commercial customers or consumers, you may need one or several manuals. 

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Below is a list of manuals that you might need and the contents.

These Quick Start Guides can be included in a User Manual, or as a separate piece. They are suitable for both commercial and consumer equipment and software. You may also find information about more complex functions that can be used to help you get started. 

Installation manuals, other than software, are usually used by factory-trained subcontractors or field service personnel of a manufacturer. 

These manuals can be used for specific commercial equipment like medical scanners, boiler equipment or a mixing console in a recording studio, just to name a few. You could also include calibration and customer acceptance procedures.

User manuals provide detailed instruction on how to use the equipment, but may also include information about the assembly. A barbeque guide is an example. Safety warnings should be included in user manuals.

They can be found at the beginning of the manual and/or at specific places within the manual. Commercial equipment manuals will be written for people who have been trained in the field. 

Many manuals for commercial equipment include basic maintenance and troubleshooting information. Another type of user guide is a monograph, which is published by pharmaceutical companies to help doctors apply a drug.