Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment – Why Do You Need It?

You want to preserve the property's value and avoid any legal problems. This can be done through a phase 1 environmental site assessment. You may still be curious about what this program can do to your company. 

You can be sure that your property is safe from environmental hazards like toxicity and contamination through section 1 environmental assessment. Expert consultants will assess whether your land is potentially hazardous to the environment. These are also known as "brownfield" sites.

Phase 1 Environmental Site

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A similar study was conducted in 1970 to examine commercial properties and determine if they were potentially dangerous to the health. You must first comply with environmental due diligence, which is a type of investigation that identifies environmental hazards before you can acquire or buy out a manager. 

You will be able to see the entire history of the property and any past operations that may have contributed to environmental hazards. Also, you can verify compliance with regulations authorities. Industrial hygiene consultants conduct tests. These experts inspect every inch of the land you are considering purchasing and look for any potential toxicological hazards. 

To ensure that the property meets the safety and health requirements of the State, a property condition assessment is performed. You can even search online for more information about phase 1 environmental.