Collecting Vintage Silver Tea Sets

Tea sets are no longer just for serving tea. Antique teapots, cups, creamers, and other porcelain pieces are very collectible and become beautiful colorful ornaments to decorate your home. Here are some tips on how to start collecting old tea sets.

First, you need to decide what exactly you want to collect. Do you want to collect a complete silver kettle set or just a teapot or cups and saucers? Setting limits on your collection will keep you in control and find a place to display every item you bring home.

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Now you can start looking for pieces to start your collection. The greatest fun about collecting is hunting and you should enjoy the process. If you want to continue, here are a few places to explore:

1. Thrift stores and charity shops.

This is a great place to look for antique porcelain. Often you can find tea sets made of porcelain, glass, silver, copper, and tin. Prices at these stores are also quite low, so you can often buy quite a few items with very little money to spend.

2. Antique shop.

Antique stores online tend to be much more expensive than other thrift stores, but if you're looking to find something nicer, older, or more valuable, don't miss this opportunity.

If you brought home several pieces, clean them carefully before opening them. Hand washing is probably the safest. Place it in a cupboard with glass doors or display it on an antique table with lace napkins.