Stem Cell Therapy – What Are the Different Options for My Joints

Stem cells are a part of every person's body. These cells act as repairmen within a healthy body. As a person ages or is subject to injury, these critical repair cells are not enough. Either the body does not have a large enough supply or the damage is too severe.

Stem cell therapy in joints 400 million cells (known in Spanish terapia clulas madres en articulaciones 400 millones de clulas) can be used to help the body naturally heal any injury or degeneration. This type of medical therapy aids in the body's natural healing process. How?

Cells are taken from mesenchymal stem cell-rich areas to be used in the therapy. The cells are then concentrated in a laboratory by centrifugation and injected into the injured area.

Stem cell therapy, a revolutionary treatment for joint pain due to injury, disease, or degeneration is an alternative option.


The therapy can be used to treat hip problems. It is non-surgical and suitable for people who are not candidates for surgery. Regenerative medicine therapy can help to heal and ease the pain and problems in the hips. Regenerative medicine can be used to treat hip bursitis and other degenerative conditions such as necrosis and hip arthritis.


Regenerative medicine therapy may be a good option for chronic knee pain caused by injury or degenerative joint disease. Regenerative medicine therapy is a non-surgical option for injuries to the meniscus, cartilage, ACL, and MCL ligaments of the knee. This form of treatment is more effective than traditional knee surgery, which can take months of rehabilitation and therapy.