Simple Summer Drinks With An Electric Blender

During summer, an electric blender is a must for preparing a good drink. The ingredients are simple and the only recipe that matters is the ice cream. One of my favorites is the watermelon drink. 

All we need is crushed ice, a little sugar, a pinch of lemon, and watermelon pitted in a blender – a refreshing drink. Everyone can enjoy this drink and it is refreshing too. You can also check for the summer drink recipes via the web.

Summer Drink Recipes

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Most restaurants and resorts serve these in tall glasses decorated with umbrellas and they are expensive. For an outdoor buffet, this can be served in a watermelon wrap and a carved spoon.

Using an electric blender with crushed ice creates a cool, refreshing drink. A blender is a popular tool in small pavilions in the Middle East because it can prepare cold drinks. One of the most popular drinks is called "Fake Fakhir". 

Crushed ice with up to four fresh, juicy fruits in an electric blender creates a refreshing drink. Optionally, it can be garnished with ice cream. 

The apple and orange combo is also a good mix, but just squeeze the solids before serving. Dairy products can always be added to fruit as they make the drink creamier.

Also consider using coffee, malt, tea, or chocolate with shaved ice. The possibilities with an electric blender are endless. With a blender and shaved ice at home, everyone can enjoy a variety of refreshing drinks. It's cheaper and healthier than buying cold soda.