The Best Irrigation Equipment: Valley Brand Loyalty Explained

Valley irrigation equipment is reliable, durable, and built to last so growers can get a significant return on their initial investment. Valley center pivots are strong because of their engineering and manufacturing processes. You can buy valley center pivots of best quality from a renowned manufacturer.

This unique design reduces strains and stresses in the pipeline. Because the truss angles are standardized, they are easy to install and service. Galvanizing of high quality is used to protect the pivot assembly, bracing, drive units, and pipeline.

Valley machines also have one of the most reliable drivetrains in the industry. Our gearboxes have been praised for being the most reliable and durable in the industry. For longer life, the center drive features a reliable motor that lasts a long time and extra-large intermediate gear bearings.

Even the most durable irrigation systems are subject to wear and tear. Valley dealers know that Valley Parts are available for installation by qualified technicians. This is what makes Valley center linears and pivots so valuable. This ensures the highest quality and most value for all your needs.

It has four distribution centers to distribute our Valley Parts and four regional parts outlets worldwide, to support local Valley dealers' stock of irrigation supplies.

Your local irrigation experts are Valley dealers. Factory-trained technicians are equipped with the knowledge, technology, and inventory to solve any problem efficiently and quickly.

More than huge thousands of irrigation equipment companies have been around since the mid-1950s. But don't be discouraged if your machine is an "orphan". Valley dealers can service and install Valley parts on most brands. We want to make sure your equipment runs smoothly and does its job well, so we can earn your business in the future.