Things To Consider When Wearing Braces

Some people choose to wear braces because they feel like their teeth are too crooked or too yellow; others wear them because their teeth are too far out of line from the rest of their face. While wearing braces in Fort Collins, it is important to keep all your appointments and get proper care, so that the treatment lasts as long as possible.

Braces are a type of orthodontics that are worn to correct teeth alignment. They come in many different shapes and sizes and can be used on either the front or back of your teeth.

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There are a few things to consider when wearing braces:

– Wear your braces at all times, even when you're not wearing your teeth! If you don't wear your braces, they may move around, which could lead to tooth alignment problems.

Make sure your braces fit well: Your dentist or orthodontist will custom-make them to fit your teeth and gums. Be sure to take the time to try them on before you buy them so you can make sure they're comfortable.

Adjust your braces as necessary: If your teeth are shifting or moving around in your braces, it may be time to have them adjusted. Your dentist or orthodontist can do this by tightening or loosening the brackets (the metal pieces that hold your teeth in place).