Transmission Lines: Aerial Power Line Inspection

In the United States alone, there are more than 5.5 million miles from local distribution lines and more than 200,000 miles of high voltage transmission lines, according to American scientific. Are they quite often checked? 

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The danger of unchecked electricity

The power line that does not accept routine checks can pose a risk of injury or even death to the general public. Every year, many electrical lines are lowered because the causes vary from trees that fall into damaged or damaged components. 

If the electrical channel and the surrounding area are correctly checked properly and are often sufficient, it is easy to identify and tend to die trees or have dangerous leaves and component defects, especially when inspections take place gradually. 

Most electric power lines occur when structures or buildings are built too close to existing electrical lines. Like other problems, routine checks can easily identify hazards and prevent most of them, if not all, from this accident.

Inspection method

At present, most electrical channel inspections take place on foot and require individuals to check the electricity line from the ground. The inspection method is very slow, remember there are more than 5.5 million lines of local distribution lines in the US only, and subject to human errors.

Because of the extensive power cleaning amount to be examined, most electrical channel operators do inspections on the set schedule.