Variety Of Blinds To Keep Your Homes Cosy

Blinds usually have two functions – tilting and lifting. With vertical blinds, the lift function is replaced by a drive/open function. The end result of this operational function is to adjust incoming light, control privacy, or fully open closed openings.

All blinds perform the same function, providing the user with the preferred function at any given time. There are different types of blinds, as explained below: 

Roman Curtains

The combination of Roman blinds and curtains is very popular in traditional houses with large windows. Since Roman curtains are often made of curtain fabric, this makes them very warm and adds warmth to your home.

Often, people will choose a plain colored material for their curtains but add a floral or patterned Roman blind for interest and to make the window decor more attractive.

Day And Night Curtains

Vision or day and night blinds have 2 layers of material. The curtains can be lowered completely during the day, giving you extra warmth but still allowing light to pass through the see-through strip.

Wooden Curtain

Quality wood blinds are suitable for all types of decor and homes, from traditional Victorian and Edwardian homes to modern new homes and apartments.


Curtains are always very popular in all rooms. They are neat and don't take up much space. They can be rolled up to fully expose the window or lowered to the desired height.