What Does The General Motors Lawsuit Involve?

General Motors has been hit with a class-action lawsuit for allegedly failing to warn consumers about the risk of airbag-related injuries. The complaint, filed in federal court in Detroit, alleges that GM failed to provide proper safety information and warning labels on its vehicles. 

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GM Faulty SDM Airbag & Seatbelt Lawsuit - Seeger Weiss LLP

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According to the lawsuit, this led to numerous injuries and deaths. If you or a loved one were injured in a General Motors accident, please do not hesitate to reach out for legal assistance. A knowledgeable legal team can help you pursue compensation for your losses.

The General Motors airbag class action lawsuit has come to an end. The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan found in favor of GM, dismissing the plaintiffs' claims with prejudice. This means that the plaintiffs cannot bring a new lawsuit against GM based on the same facts or allegations. The dismissal is not final, and the plaintiffs have the option to appeal. 

The plaintiffs had argued that GM was aware of a defect in its airbags and failed to take action, resulting in injuries and deaths. However, the court found that there was no evidence that GM knew about a defect in its airbags that could cause death or serious injury. In fact, experts testified that there was no reason to believe that airbag defects posed a risk to public safety. 

This is a disappointing outcome for the plaintiffs, but it is not necessarily the end of the story. The plaintiffs may still be able to pursue damages through other legal avenues, such as product liability or negligence lawsuits.