With An Offset BBQ Smoker, You Can Cook Like A Pro

There are a lot of smokers, and it's difficult to decide which model will be the most suitable for your requirements. While searching for smokers, pay careful focus on the various offset BBQ smokers available. An offset barbeque smoker is usually the most suitable choice. Let's look at the reasons why offset smokers can be an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to continually crank out the most amazing "Q".

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To understand how offset units can produce such an amazing BBQ it is essential to be aware of the fundamentals that underlie the effective smoking of meat. Smoking is quite different from grilling, which entails placing meat at a higher temperature for a brief time. Smoking is a slow method using controlled temperatures and prolonged cooking duration. The slow cooking method produces succulent, moist, smoking meat if done properly.

The results aren't possible simply by throwing a handful of coals before finishing it off with large chunks of Brisket on the grill's grate. However, it is a different story. Slow cooking is about carefully establishing the ideal temperature for cooking and maintaining it continuously till the meat has cooked. This requires the best equipment, and the offset BBQ smoker will complete better than almost every other option.

An offset BBQ smoker creates heat inside the firebox, which is placed on the opposite side of the cooking area. It directs the heat to the cooking area through one or more of the vents that are controlled. This lets you generate indirect heat that can be used to achieve the right temperature and optimal control. The meat is not directly placed in direct contact with flames and is not within proximity to the flame.